Bienvenue à la Maison de Peau

Welcome to 

Maison de Peau

Hello GORGEOUS!!!!

I hope you are doing well beautiful.. Fall is upon us. October is flowing by at a rapid pace while November is ready to greet all of us.

I’m tempted to change my colorful flower photo to the right of this space to something yellow and orange to fit the feel of Fall. I love colorful flowers more than falling leaves. That’s that. :)

What’s new with me is that I am in the process of moving my spa to the big city of Lexington. I already have everything set up  waiting for the state board to come and inspect my space. Then we are in business darling.

I changed my Instagram format to mostly 1-minute reels. It’s harder to put a content in a minute but I think I’m doing alright.  Thank you for all your support. I am super grateful. 

That’s all for now. Until next time. I’m here if you ever need anything or just to talk. 

With All My Love,

Piya xx

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