About Me

My Story

Hello & I'm so glad you're here. I'm Piya. What's your name? I was born in Thailand and grew up in a big city of Dallas. I love most French things if you didn't already notice. My love for everything beauty and skincare started at a very young age. Though my mum only wears lipstick and draws her brows, she'd always wear sunscreen even before sunscreen became a household name. I believe that my grandmother had the biggest influence in my life on how I ended up where I am today. I remember vividly that I could always find her in a beauty salon having her hair, nails or some sorts of services done to her. Other times, I could find her at a movie theatre watching John Wayne movies. I think she had a crush on him. 

I came to the states when I was 9. My grandma was here with us and she stayed here for a couple of years. I think that's when she started using Oil of Olay on her face and Jergen on her skin but still keeping her Ayurvedic root. A lot of things remind me of her but the scent of Oil of Olay always makes me feel like she is closed by and giving me a warm hug. 

I am a tinker by nature and tinkering with skincare and beauty started young. I remembered  applying turmeric powder all over my body and turned everything that I touched to that yellow hue in the process, including the white beddings. My mum still reminded me of that incident and others from time to time. Oh well! I always have herbs & spices in my cupboard to prepare skin remedies. I am also a prolific home cook so it just goes hand-in-hand with having lots of ingredients to play with. I love learning about botanical ingredients and technology and will always bring the most up-to-date treatments and modalities to my clients. I also love making my own skincare and experiment with different things, some with disastrous results. No worries, I will always test everything on myself or my loved ones before I even attempt to offer them on the menu. I wouldn't do anything to my clients that I would not do to myself. 

In my clinic, you will always get bespoke treatments that are created just for you. I don't believe in one size fits all in anything. Your skin is uniquely yours. There may be some things that are similar to others but by no way they are ones and the same. I also believe in a holistic approach in skincare. If you're stressed, your skin will show the results of your mind being stressed. I'm not here to preach about things that you don't already know. I'm here to be your counsel, your friend and perhaps an encouraging voice to move you to the right path to the best skin of your life.

Please also note that the time that you spend in my clinic is YOUR TIME. I don't rush any treatment and push you out the door. The appointments will never be overlapped. I want you to be here and relax your body and mind and reset yourself before I'm sending you off. If you have any questions at all, I'm only a message away.

Whatever your skin goal is, come see me. Anything that I cannot perform in my clinic or beyond my expertise will be referred to a dermatologist. I will let you know that straight up. Don't wait! Book an appointment with me today. My space is super cozy and will take you to another place and time. You will not overhear a conversation in the next room. You can only hear soothing music or whichever genre that you love and may be faintly hearing my dogs barking in the background. 

Visit me and experience the exclusivity that no other spas can offer. I'm so looking forward to seeing you very soon.

With all my love,  

Piya xx